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tv   [untitled]    February 7, 2013 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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>> good afternoon. welcome to our regular rules committee meeting for thursday, february 7th, 2013. i am supervisor norman yee, and i will be chairing this meeting. to my immediate left is supervisor cohen. and to my immediate right is supervisor breed. and i also wanted to acknowledge the two people that will be staffing the sfgtv,
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nona mcconian and jesse larson. the committee would also like to -- madam clerk, and also today's clerk is linda wong. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> yes, mr. chair. please make sure to turn off all cell phones and electronic devices. speaker cards and copies to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will appear on the february 26 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you. can you please call item number 1? >> item number 1, motion approving the mayor's nomination for reappointment of diane matsuda to the historic preservation commission, for a term ending december 31, 2016. >> thank you. i believe ms. matsuda is here today. >> thank you, good afternoon,
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cohen, yee, and breed. my name is diane matsuda and i would respectfully like to ask you to consider my request to stay on the commission. i have been on the commission since its inception and feel as a new entity, we have a lot of things we need to accomplish. particularly in the area of recognizing all communities that reside in san francisco and encouraging them to preserve and take pride in their culture and community. as a native san franciscan and as a person who remains active in the japantown community, i believe it's vitally important for all individuals to feel that they are an important member of their community in which they live and have an equal voice at the table when it comes to preservation. you do not need to be an architect or you do not need to have a degree in planning to know when something needs to be preserved, and that should be shared and respected by all san franciscans. and so, it is this message that i would like to continue to
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advocate with my fellow commissioners and with the residents of san francisco at large so that san francisco can even become more proud of our unique and rich culture and community. i'm happy to answer any questions that you may have and thank you for your time. >> supervisors, are there any questions? seeing none, public comment -- sorry, go ahead. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us today. you are applying for commission seat number 7, right? correct. >> thank you. ms. matsuda, can you talk to me a little bit about the work that you've done and even your future plans or goals in your understanding of cultural traditions of san francisco and how these rich san francisco cultural traditions can be reflected in your work as a commissioner? so, i was appointed by mayor newsome to serve as one
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of the first of the 7 commissioners for the historic preservation commission. and for the first two years of our commission we spent a lot of time actually formulating articles 10 and 11. so, it hasn't been until very recently that we have been able to get into actual discussion of various communities and various landmarks that have become -- that have come before us. and what we would like to do in the future is to continue our work in recognizing landmarks that have not traditionally been recognized or looking at communities that have been under served, and to find other ways, not only the ways that have been provided to us through the national park service secretary of interior standards, but other ways to find avenues to appreciate the rich culture and heritage of san francisco, particularly in term of recognizing culturally specific businesses, recognizing community centers, recognizing community stores
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and theaters and faith-based organizations that really make communities what they are. >> great, thank you very much. no further questions. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. so, right now, is there any public comment for this item? if there are, please come, come on up to the mic. you have two minutes and please indicate if you support an appointment. thank you, chairperson yee, supervisors. my name is bill sugaya, i'm a resident of san francisco and i'm going to be very quick because i have to get back to another meeting. i trust you all read my e-mail this morning. if not, it was a supporting e-mail for diane matsuda. and i'll just add a couple things. she didn't mention that she was the executive director at the state level for the california cultural and heritage endowment and also for the civillyctionver advertise public education program. so, i think she brings a really diverse amount of knowledge
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with her in terms of communities around california which can be applied here in san francisco, having granted, i don't know, how many millions of dollars to programs that benefited ethnic minority communities throughout the state of california. also, she is currently one of the representatives from the historic preservation commission to a joint committee appointed by the planning commission and the hpc to find a new secretary for both commissions. so, she's been the co-chair of that committee and they are now entering into the final phases of the search for a new secretary, and i think it would be appropriate to continue to have her on the historic preservation commission so she can continue her work there. also, lastly, she is also the executive director for the berg
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en foundation. i think she's the only person that can stand toe to toe with mr. burton. not head to head, maybe, but toe to toe, and she can swear as much as he can. but she is actually very civil in public hearings, a great asset, and i hope you will unanimously pass her out to the full board. thank you. >> thank you. good morning, supervisors. good morning to our new supervisors and welcome to city hall. i would like to echo commissioner sugaya's comments to you. i'm [speaker not understood] and urban architect in the city of san francisco and i do serve with commissioner matsuda on the subcommittee of the historic preservation and planning commission for the search of replacing the commission secretary. it is from that perspective that i observe her as a broad
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minded, open and totally independent thinker. i see her as strategic and extremely well suited as a commissioner where it is important to think independently, yet act in concert with others. it is for those very reasons that i consider her strength remarkable and recommend you to her for reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. are there any other public comment? good afternoon, commissioners. my name is bob amagucci. i'm the executive director of the japantown task force and a board member of the san francisco japantown foundation, on which board diane also serves. i've known diane and worked with her for many, many years and have tremendous respect for her dedication to the community, to the city of san
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francisco. she is a resident. she is a native, well educated, statewide experience, and a very, a very strong team player. and i think what's very refreshing in talking about some of the preservation issues is she's always asking me about the economic development side of it and the economic benefits side of it. and i think that's a very important part of the equation and she certainly recognized it and i think it's a very important asset in this position. so, i strongly recommend that you recommend this reappointment approval to the board. thank you very much. >> thank you. are there any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, any thoughts? supervisor breed.
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>> i'm really excited to move the nomination of commissioner matsuda. she is a district 5 resident, very actively involved and supported by some of the most respected leaders of the japanese community, including i see sandy mori in the audience. thank you for coming today. the service that comes from participating in these commissions is quite amazing and the time and effort that you have put into this commission is to be commended. and, so, i want to thank you for your service and i look forward to supporting this at the full board. and, so, at this time i'd like to make a motion that we support this nomination. >> second. >> second, okay. i would like to say that i was
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able to meet with ms. matsuda the other day and i was very impressed with her qualifications and her dedication towards the goals and vision of the historical commission. and her work just spans way beyond san francisco. statewide, as has been mentioned, she's been involved with other issues throughout the united states. so, i will be fully supporting her. so, he i guess we will take this without objection. * thank you. madam clerk, can you please call item number 2? >> item number 2, motion approving the mayor's nomination for appointment of aaron hyland to the historic preservation commission, for a term ending december 31, 2016.
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>> i believe mr. hyland is here today. please make your statement. thank you, supervisor yee, and good afternoon supervisor cohen and supervisor breed. it's my distinct pleasure to be here today and i'm excited to have this opportunity and would be honored to serve on the historic preservation commission. i moved here over 20 years ago. i live in the castro on 16th street with my partner of 12 years and our two jack russells. san francisco is our home. we're grateful to live in such a wonderful city. i'm an architect and have been with arg architectural resources group since i've moved here in 1992. arg is an architectural firm that helps people realize opportunities in the historic-built environment. i'm an expert in navigating the needs and the issues our clients face with their historic properties. i'm well versed in assessing
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and applying the secretary of interior standards for the treatment of historic properties. and i believe these historic properties are places of meaning and memories and are important to our community and should be preserved. for over 25 years i have been making culturally significant buildings and sites relevant for future generations. i focus on restoration, rehabilitation and adapted reuse. as well as built on new design, design of new buildings within the sensitive historic context. i understand fully how to embrace change. identifying and celebrating what makes these places special while at the same time accommodating new and contemporary uses. some of my projects include the restoration of the angel island immigration station, the goldman school of public policy at u.c. berkeley, both the restoration of the existing historic building and the design and construction of the new building. and about a year ago i had some
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involvement at the beginning of the latest -- on bayview opera house project. outside my practice i'm dedicated to exposing young people to architecture and preservation. i believe we have an obligation to provide opportunities to the next generation. i grew up in a struggling working class neighborhood just outside of chicago. not much different than parts of district 10. so, i understand the importance of opportunities. i'm a fair and open minded person and respect others for their opinions. i always welcome productive dialogue. i'm thrilled to offer my expertise and would be honored to serve on this commission. thank you once again. i hope to have your support. >> thank you. are there any questions? seeing -- oh. seeing none, public comment, is there any public comment on this item? thank you.
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seeing none, public comment is closed -- oh, i see one. i'm sorry, i was in the back of the room. sorry, i'm short. you couldn't see me. my name is margie [speaker not understood]. i'm the executive director of the american institute of architects in san francisco. we're one of the largest aia chapters in the united states and we host the largest architecture festival in the united states. we do about 50 meetings and programs a year, of which about 2000 people attend our events. and i'm here to speak on behalf of the nomination of aaron hyland. he's been a member of our board of directors for the last couple of years and he also serves in the noble position of treasurer for nonprofit organization which is a thankless job. i'm happy to say that under his leadership we have balanced and exceeded our budget and have a surplus which is a wonderful thing to say. aaron is also extremely passionate about the education of young architects and has
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worked quite creatively with our board of directors to have a revolutionery program to try and help architects get through the license process which is being modeled by a dozen chapters throughout the united states. he is an amazing leader. he has an amazing capacity to weigh complex issues and make everyone feel included in the process. and sometimes making hard decisions which he works really hard to make sure everybody feels good about those even if they don't come down his way which is i think one of the true challenges of being a commissioner. so, thank you for your consideration. i'm delighted that aaron wants to do -- sorry he's not going to be able to spend as much time with us, but that's your benefit. thank you. good afternoon, members of the committee. mike bueler, executive director of the san francisco architectural heritage, the
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city's -- city-wide historic preservation nonprofit organization. i want to start by thanking you for recommending commissioner matsuda for reappointment. i stepped in a little late and i fully intended to speak in favor of her reappointment and want to acknowledge her significant contributions over the last few years in that position. on behalf of heritage i'm speaking to fully support the appointment of aaron hyland to the commission. he clearly meets the professional qualifications called for in the city charter as a preservation architect and certainly in looking at his credentials he brings a breadth of experience both within san francisco and outside the city that will inform projects that come before the commission for approval. so, with that, i fully encourage you to support his appointment. thank you very much. >> any other public comment? seeing none, now public comment has closed.
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colleagues, any thoughts? is there a motion to forward the nomination of aaron hyland? >> so moved. >> is there a second? >> second. >> okay. we will take this without any objection. madam clerk, can you please call item number 3? >> item number 3, hearing to consider appointing two members, terms ending january 31, 2017, to the veteran affairs commission. applicants infringens and adams withdrew their applications. there are two seats, 6 applicants. >> you said applicant jenkins withdrew? >> yes. >> and who else? >> david adams. >> thank you.
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>> let's see. is creighton reed here? yes, sir. >> please come on up. i'm a san francisco native, second generation united states marine. my dad served in the 1950s and '60s. i served in the '90s from 1995 to 1999 following college. i was recalled back into the marine corps in 2003 and served back on active duty for about six months including duty in kuwait and iraq.
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service to our country is one of the proudest accomplishments of my life. i feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve with the people that i did. i met some amazing people. i have several friends who are still in on active duty. they've put in some serious sacrifice, as have their families. we're all aware of the sacrifices that individuals make. families make this, too. people can come back from combat physically hurt and that's easy to see. but just as -- just as important are the deep scars that we can't see. and far too often people come back. and even though there are resources to help them and the need, oftentimes people don't connect with that need. so, a lot of times veterans go unserved. as a country and a city, we owe a great debt of gratitude to
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veterans. i believe society is ultimately judged by the accomplishments -- sorry, by how it treats not those who are powerful and wealthy, but those who are in the deepest of need, and i believe that there's -- there are past generations of veterans who have come back scarred and injured, but there is a whole new generation that is just coming back or soon will come back and they're the ones that we really need to focus a lot of effort on as well. so, people provided for us and i see this as an opportunity to help give back and provide for people that i think have made an ultimate sacrifice on many levels. he see this as an opportunity to coordinate between existing great organizations like the va and other service providers and it's just -- it would be a great opportunity to not only give back, but also to hopefully connect people with those services that are out there. thank you.
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>> okay, thank you, mr. gibbs. supervisor cohen? >> thank you, mr. reed, thank you for your service. quick question for you. can you tell me how you're currently involved with the veteran affairs commission? this is my first level of involvement. >> have you done any volunteer work or done any work at all in the san francisco veterans community? not beyond supporting several organizations. >> which organizations do you serve? i'm a member of the marine memorial club and semper fi. >> [speaker not understood]? i attend events there and i haven't found an opportunity to serve and i'd love this to be the first opportunity to do so. >> how did you hear about this seat? honestly, i came across the commission's name -- i can't even remember where, but i
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started doing some research and became interested. >> no further questions. thank you. >> thank you. any questions? no, okay. thank you very much. >> next is george gibbs here? i'm george gibbs. i applied for a seat on the commission [speaker not understood] for a number of years. actually i was sworn in by dianne feinstein years ago. i moved to the country, left and came back to the commission. i've worked with veterans probably for over 30 years. recently before i retired from the va, i was the coordinator for incarcerated veterans. i've also worked with the homeless veterans in the street of san francisco. [speaker not understood] just
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got here a year, he was faking. i knew people on the street. for me i see myself speaking for the voiceless veterans. there are veterans here that need help and [speaker not understood] shocking warriors, i call them. from grenada to vietnam to -- on and on and on, all veterans -- [speaker not understood]. we guys go to war, come back and we kind of dismiss them. for me, i was drafted. i was pissed, but i went. a lot of veterans need help. for me, currently i'm covering a project in the jail. [speaker not understood] for the last couple of years. and here in the city we're talking about starting a veterans court which is something i think is well overdue, at least veterans in san francisco. so they can get a fair shake in
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court. things are happening due to the military service. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> i have a question. >> you have a question? sorry. supervisor cohen? >> just for the public, sir, please come back. this is a first committee meeting. supervisor yee is new in this chairmanship so we're still working out the kinks over here. can you tell us a little slack here. see, mr. gibbs, how are you? i'm good. >> good, thank you for your service as well. can you tell me how long you served on the commission? prior? probably 15 years. >> you served on the veteran affairs commission. what capacity were you serving? as president for two years, otherwise i was commissioner. >> um-hm. and what were the circumstances that lead you to leave the commission? you said -- i moved to europe. >> okay. yeah. >> and you came back and you're
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looking to volunteer some more time, right? yeah, yeah. i thought it's a position i could be in, have a voice in, yes. >> 15 years is a long time. that's very impressive. can you point to some successes or some of the things or projects that you worked on while you were on the commission? for me, successes right now, i think the commission is strong right now than it's ever been. in terms of personal suck is hetionvxes, i can't speak of any. >> come on, you were president. you did something. i'm telling you the truth. for me as president in terms of what i was doing at that time, one time i was commission president, we had the bali ship iowa. it didn't quite go through, but that was one of the things that was under my watch. >> okay, fair enough, fair enough. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. thank you. >> is mary tramil here? good afternoon, commissioners. good afternoon, commissioner breed. i worked in your district for 10 years at the old hill hutch community center under lefty gordon, deceased now. and good afternoon, commissioner cohen. i live in your district, live right up there on the hill in bayview hunters point. i am a former leather neck myself, and i have two issues that i'd like to raise. the first one is i think that san francisco, the entire united states can do more for veterans. and one good example i saw of that was wal-mart saying that they would hire any veterans that come


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